11 mars 2016

White Wedding Gown

If beautiful memories and marriage proposals could be weaved into a wedding gown, Fanny Liautard would have done that. But she knows the next best technique to do so and tries to present the bride with a gown that will always be a reminder of that lovely day… The wedding is probably one of the most beautiful experiences in a woman’s life. And the bridal dress is something which will be a reminder of this most special day. Therefore, it has to be glamourous, as well as, weaved with emotions and sentiments. Ms Fanny Liautard, a well-known, sophisticated, haute couturist, creates made-to-measure wedding gowns, by mixing the new couture spirit with traditional know-how. Her expertise lies in creating a sleek flattering, body-skimming look which is sensual and elegant (through the bias cut), giving the bride an impression of floating freely… Her creations are about women in a world of luxury. From the first ball dress to the ultimate White Wedding Gown, she weaves womanly stories in her designs through her experience and encounters with the fairer sex. “A woman can be beautiful in a dress, but she becomes outstanding when there is a genuine connection between her and her gown,” says Ms Liautard quite correctly. A person creating such an emotional garment has to be a beautiful person and extremely talented of course. “I have always preferred pencil to pen,” said Ms Liautard. “It’s a natural writing instrument for me. It extends my hand and my imagination. I used to draw the characters of the novels I read and remake the world in my own way, with my own colours and according to my mood.”

Fanny Liautard

 @ Véronique Polès@Soumya Jain Agarwal


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